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Get Motivated, Accept the Challenge and be Rewarded!!

- Do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise or lose weight?
- Do you like to be challenged?
- Do you like to be rewarded for your efforts?
- Do you gain satisfaction from achieving your exercise/weight goals?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then come along to BayFit's Heartbeat (Library),


Fingal Haven (Residents & Guests) and/or Circuit for Over 50's Classes.

To help motivate you to achieve your health and fitness goals and reward/thank you for your support, from 14 January - 6 December 2018, BayFit challenges you to regularly attend BayFit Classes & improve your strength & fitness.

Those who accept the Challenge and achieve the most will be eligible for one of the following BayFit Awards (to be presented at our Christmas lunch on 12 December, 2019):

NOTE: If you have or are at risk of any medical conditions, please obtain medical clearance from your doctor that it is ok for you to participate in any of these challenges. By participating in any of these challenges, you accept all risks and indemnify BayFit and it's instructors/trainers against all liability, claims, demands and proceedings arising out of or connected with participation in these challenges

You may choose to participate in as many or as few Challenges as you wish. However, you should be mindful of your limitations and only participate where it is medically safe for you to do so. Do not push yourself beyond your limitations on that day. Safety and your health is the priority.

There is no cost to participation.

Sign In Forms for "Most Improved" Awards participation will be available at Heartbeat and Circuit Classes

"Attendance" Award

"Highest number of Classes attended" will be calculated according to the Class Sign In sheets - so make sure you sign in!

A participant can only be awarded one of the "Attendance" Awards. If the Overall highest attendee is also the highest attendee for Heartbeat or Circuit, then the latter Award will go to the next highest attendee of that Class.

Should a tie exist for an Attendance Award, then the Award cash will be divided equally among those Award recipients.

"Most Improved" Award

"Most improved" will be calculated as a percentage of change from Baseline measurement to Final measurement

For "Most Improved" categories, Baseline data can be measured from 1 June within Circuit Class (Inside WellFit Studio, 18 Shearwater Dr.,Taylor's Beach) - just attend the Class on Tues. or Fri. at 11am. (These 4 exercises will be included as options in each Circuit class to December so that you can practice.)

EXCEPTION: "Weight circumference" can be measured (by me) either after Tues. or Fri. Circuit Class attendance or Thur. 7.45am or 8.50am before Heartbeat Library Class attendance, time permitting (or at another agreed time).

Baseline data can be measured any Class day (as above) from 1 June to 7 December - but the sooner you do it, the better your chance of improvement!

Interim data measurement is an option within Class (as above) to help you check your progress.

Final data can be measured within Class at any date (as above), up until 7 December (inclusive).

Award winners may use the 3 Class Passes at BayFit's Heartbeat and/or Circuit Classes and will expire end June 2019 (non-transferable).

Further Details:

*Assault Bike:- How many kms can you achieve in 1 minute?

*Wall Sit: How long can you sit against the wall? - thighs parallel to the ground, shins at 90 degrees to thighs, back stays against ball, feet do not move

*Lat Pulldown: What is the weight resistance used, being able to pull to chest for at least 10 reps?

*Fitball Passover: How many "Passovers" can be completed? (ball at calves/ankles, ball to floor with calves = 1, ball back to floor with hands overhead=1)

All the above to be completed with correct posture and within the participant's limitations/condition.

Each participant is eligible for a maximum of 2 "Most Improved" Awards.

Should a tie exist for a Most Improved Award, then an opportunity to repeat the Final measurement may be given, after which the decision will be made by Debbie Freeman.

The final decisions regarding Award recipients and continuation of this Challenge will be made by Debbie Freeman.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Debbie by email ( or phone (0414 700 860)


Good luck!

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