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My Story

About BayFit

I didn’t start out as a professional Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer...
Completing a Science degree (Psychology), followed by Marketing, I eventually ended up working in healthcare. Among many things, my career involved spending time talking to doctors, patients and their families about chronic conditions/diseases and understanding how it impacted on their lives.
It was a hectic job and I spent my early mornings before work smashing it out at the gym to keep me sane - only to collapse in a heap on weekends at our Central Coast farm or, too rarely, relaxing at the Bay. 
Then one day, I woke up to myself and realised that achievement is about being happy, helping others and making the most out of life. After 20 years as a "weekender", the paradise of Port Stephens beckoned and so, here I am - still wanting to keep fit, but with a desire to pass on my passion for fitness and the importance of this as we age.
I started hiking and got back into running (love Fingal Park Run!)
I completed my Personal Training Cert IV and followed this up with Heartmoves training (fitness for older adults, originally founded by the Heart Foundation), as well as a specific Group Exercise Instructor program.
I established BayFit in 2015, buying out an existing fitness business inside Horizons' Golf Resort. And, what better place to establish my Golf Fitness programs (becoming a certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor)! 
No longer at Horizons', BayFit became a "mobile" fitness business in January 2017.
While I cherish the opportunities to personally train, one on one, clients in their homes, my main focus these days is guiding various group exercise classes for older adults - operating out of the non-intimidating Tomaree Library & Community Centre. And, with the advent of COVID-19, an Online Class is also now available!

About BayFit & Me: Inner_about
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